In a soberingly honest discussion the other night with fellow LAmb writer, Ben Gill, we realized that there is just too much good music out there to be heard. It would take a full-time job of non-stop Spotify streaming to even scratch the surface of what wonderfully amazing talent the music world has to offer. While it is a difficult task to keep tabs on it all, it is equally difficult to write about upcoming weekend events due to the extremely diverse musical performances happening all across Southern California. But don’t worry. We’re trained professionals. We’re here to help.

The Little Ones and the Lonely Wild @ The Echo – Friday, February 8th – Tickets


The Lonely Wild brings fearless, adventurous raw energy to their songs. Old west cowboys come to mind when hearing tracks like “Dead End” and the newly minted “Buried in the Murder” off their album The Sun As It Comes. LAmb writer Angelica Corona wrote a preview of their show at The Echo, and it seems that we share similar emotional sentiments when listening to The Lonely Wild’s perfectly organic harmonies. Download the band’s tracks for free on their website before attending what is sure to be a fully enjoyable night.

The Janks @ Bootleg Theater – Saturday, February 9th – Tickets


The Janks — LAmb’s recent Featured Artist — has cranked out more than a handful of solid tracks over the many years of the band’s incarnation, and their strong sense of musical diversity shines through on their album Hands of Time. Alternative tracks, such as the title song, sit snuggly next to punk-blues, genre-smashing songs like “Demon Dance.” This interesting blend of sound comes out even more in their live performances. Don’t miss out.

Justin Timberlake @ Hollywood Palladium – Sunday, February 10th – SOLD OUT

Justin Timberlake LEAD

Is it just me or did this one just slip right by without the fanfare one would expect from this pop idol? I had no idea the Timberlake was gracing our city with his dynamic presence. It seems like only yesterday I was trying to decide if I liked his new single, “Suit and Tie,” and now Justin will be performing that very song in the flesh, among many others I imagine. Unfortunately, due to my terrible lack of foresight, I was unable to score tickets. But maybe you did? Let us know in the comments!