After its stellar lineup was announced last week, Coachella was confirmed as the hottest ticket in SoCal, especially now that both weekends of the famed California music festival sold out in twenty-four hours (last year, tickets were gone in three hours!). If you were lucky enough to score tickets to either weekend of Coachella, make sure to check out LAmb’s guide to navigating the biggest music event of the summer.

We are all looking forward to attention-grabbing headliners like The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Stone Roses, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Phoenix, and The Postal Service, but festivals as diverse and publicized as this one (just count how many celebrities you see if you’re going!) provide an incredible opportunity to expose yourself to equally talented, smaller groups, many of whom hail from our lovely city. These are the 5 LA bands I recommend checking out if you find yourself in Indio!

5. The Airborne Toxic Event

The Airborne Toxic Event is the epitome of indie rock, a genre well-represented at the Coachella festival in years past. The group has been noteworthy in the LA scene for over six years, consistently touring and finding new ways to invigorate their songs (they’re known for performing alongside orchestras). With a string of radio-friendly hits (see “Sometime Around Midnight” and “Changing”), these established rockers will no doubt get the Coachella crowd moving.

4. Deap Vally

Don’t let this duo fool you; these two women are going to bring serious rock and roll to Coachella. Their eye-catching music videos have helped boost this pair’s popularity in the rock community, and comparisons to The White Stripes garage-rock style don’t hurt either. If their punk rock doesn’t grab your attention, though, their latex outfits and over-the-top performances will. We’re excited to see how one of our favorite LA bands of 2012 shocks Coachella concertgoers.

3. Vintage Trouble

If you’re in the market for soulful tunes that will transport you to the days of Woodstock, Vintage Trouble is a must-see. Formed in Hollywood, this straight-from-the-60s band has been touring the U.K. and building a solid following across the globe thanks so a sound that is as unique as their dress and performances. Watch the group’s video for “Nancy Lee” below and tell me that that soulful rhythm doesn’t move you. Now imagine it live, ya dig? (Gotta throw some 1960s lingo in there!)

2. Local Natives

Straight from nearby Silverlake, Local Natives meld psychedelic rock with folk, a perfect combination for stadium-sized performances and the gigantic Coachella crowd. They are veterans of the festival circuit, having played South By Southwest and Lollapooloza, so their set will definitely cater to the huge venue. Their highly anticipated sophomore album, Hummingbird, dropped this week, and no doubt these LA natives will use Coachella to showcase this impressive release. As Local Natives are another one of our top ten LA bands, we definitely recommend taking in their performance.

1. The Neighbourhood

One part indie, one part hip hop, this band fuses two more beloved Coachella genres into an indescribable, hypnotic category all their own. Another California favorite, The Neighbourhood came out of nowhere last year to rave reviews from fans and critics alike. Blending soulful R&B and catchy pop influences with dark, unsettling lyrics, The Neighbourhood is made for the musically curious audience. We featured them last year, loved the Destiny’s Child and Justin Timberlake mash-up they released this week, and are certain big things are ahead for this group. The band prides themselves on their mysterious identity, and with only a handful of songs released, Coachella offers an unmissable chance to see The Neighbourhood bring these entrancing songs to life. We’ll no doubt see you in the pit.