I’m a sucker for adorableness, so if you want me to click on something, I suggest you just put “puppy,” “kitten,” “baby sloth,” or “cub” in the title. I simply can’t resist. Though I didn’t see a furry face peering back at me when I clicked on the link for Wild Cub’s video “Thunder Clatter” (unless you count that of the bearded keyboardist), I still ended up smiling, and I think you will too if you head out to the band’s show at The Satellite tomorrow night.

Fronted by composer/singer/songwriter Keegan DeWitt, this Nashville, TN-based band released their debut LP, Youth, back in August, and they’ve been building a steady buzz ever since, thanks in part to performances at Bonnaroo and CMJ. Tickets are still available for tomorrow night’s show, but if you already have plans, you can also ask your sweetie to Wild Cub’s Valentine’s Day show at The Standard: Downtown next Thursday. Or you can always attend both. As is the case with pics of cute animals, there is no such thing as a Wild Cub overload.

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