If there was a Southern California Music Hall Of Fame, John Reis would surely be able to take his place in the canon by now. As a member of post-hardcore band Pitchfork, the influential Drive Like Jehu, the amazing and recently reformed Rocket From The Crypt (surely one of America’s most undervalued great rock and roll bands), and Hot Snakes, he has already churned out more great rock music in an astonishingly productive career than most manage in four lifetimes.

The Night Marchers Allez Allez

Reis’ latest band, The Night Marchers (which contains three-quarters of Hot Snakes), just released their second album via Swami Records, Allez Allez, which was apparently recorded in 2009 but has been inexplicably sitting on the shelf until now. They will bring their brand of fiery rock and roll to the Satellite in Los Angeles this Friday where they will no doubt prove that age is but a number as the band’s members bring all the expertise that comes with cranking out blood-pumping riffs for more than two decades.

Tickets for the show are still available, and you can see a sample of the band’s effortlessly cool new album via the track “Loud, Dumb and Mean” below:

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