There’s a rare treat coming to LA next week. Last year, Beak> released their highly acclaimed second album, making it onto many an end-of-year list as a result. The album was a hypnotic mix of Krautrock and minimalist electronica, but we had yet to be treated to a live rendition. Now Beak> will be playing four dates in the US, and we are lucky enough to be welcoming them to Los Angeles next Tuesday.

The band’s show at the Echoplex on Tuesday, February 12th, is bound to be a unique night of entertainment, and tickets are still available. You could forgive Geoff Barrow for simply treating Beak> as a side project due to his other full-time commitment as a founding member of the legendary Portishead, but Beak> is a serious proposition and deserves to be treated as such. For evidence of their appeal, check out the video for non-album track “Mono” right here.

For more info:

Beak>’s website