I first heard Xasthur (headed by Scott Conner) a few years ago, starting with Telepathic With The Deceased. Like many, I was extremely impressed by the sound of this depressive black metal artist, and I have since spent many a rainy night listening to his music. That said, Xasthur is over and gone, and Scott has embraced other musical pastures.

He performs now under the name Nocturnal Poisoning, which has no relation to the former black metal project. This is not news really. What IS news is that the man himself recently posted a new demo track of the song “Fallen Skies” from the past NP album, Other Worlds of the Mind. Have a listen below.

An observant listener may note what we hear is a faster version of the song. Scott Conner commented, “This song is the ‘free sample’, official. It’s a song *from* the album, only it’s faster, like it should have been and with a better ‘production’.”If there ever had to be, or could be, one song on youtube, what would it be, which one would represent the direction of where the band/music is going?” It’s not like anyone would ever ask…so here it is.”

The video features the track being played through a deliciously classic 1970s Pioneer SX-636 stereo receiver, Onkyo S-58 series speakers, and Bose 301 Series lV speakers.

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