Remember when Kevin Shields went out and stated that his band My Bloody Valentine was in the process of finishing their follow-up to 1991’s shoegazing masterpiece Loveless? That was back in 2008, nearly a decade and a half after rumors started swirling over the Irish quartet’s next full-length album. By 2012, it was a statement met with faint anticipation, about as non-confirming and uniformly laughable as when Guns ‘N’ Roses declared they were finished with Chinese Democracy.

While fans might have been fine with having just Isn’t Anything and Loveless, the band finally shut us all up last week when Kevin Shields announced that a new record of new material would be released “within two or three days.” This time, the statement held true: ladies and gentlemen, My Bloody Valentine has officially released their long-anticipated third album, simply titled m b v, a mere 21.33 years after its predecessor.

m b v my bloody valentine cover art

m b v, released on the night of February 2nd, managed to crash the servers hosting the band’s website, but the 9-track album has since been readily available as a digital download in high-quality MP3 and two varying WAV formats. Those looking for CD or limited 180-gram vinyl options can purchase them directly through My Bloody Valentine’s website, and they have been planned for shipment starting on February 22nd. The album was recorded on 2-inch 24-track analogue tape and mixed onto half-inch analogue tape and mastered with no digital processing involved, so you can expect a quality experience.

Without even listening to the album, the artwork of m b v suggests something right out of Loveless’ wheelhouse, an album whose own art and sound reflected one another — the imagery was obscured and layered like the overpowering sonics and textures of the music, and continuous observation could unveil a new image altogether. Having now listened to the new album close to 10 times in its entirety, my assumptions were pretty spot-on.

You can listen to m b v in full for yourself over on My Bloody Valentine’s official YouTube channel, but if you like what you hear (and you more than likely will), then I highly suggest supporting the band and purchasing the album at their official website, where your download will include the album in much higher-quality audio.

m b v Track Listing:

01. she found now
02. only tomorrow
03. who sees you
04. is this and yes
05. if i am
06. new you
07. in another way
08. nothing is
09. wonder 2

For more info:

My Bloody Valentine’s Official Website