The history of the rap game, perhaps more than any other genre, is littered with acts that are geographically identifiable, so it seems a little cheeky to claim an East Coast act as one of our own on the West Coast. However, there is a little loophole here: Brooklyn boys The Underachievers, who have had a fairly rapid rise from part-timers to real contenders, have been signed to Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label here in LA, and this week the first fruit of that collaboration has dropped from the tree in the form of the free one-hour mixtape Indigoism (now available for download).

The mixtape displays two young men with remarkably assured talent for their ages. 21-year-old Ak and 22-year-old Issa Dash share duties as they blend a number of styles. On the one hand you can hear the influence of ’90s hip hop, yet there’s a fair dose of Def Jux-style lyricism and vocal gymnastics in there as well. The album’s 17 tracks also include a wealth of little-known production talent and plenty of evidence to suggest that The Underachievers’ development is well worth watching over the next year or two. Fly Lo has admitted to being convinced he was going to sign them within 20 seconds of hearing the song “Gold Soul Theory.” Check out the video below to see what got him so excited:

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