I’m still working hard to catch up on all the music I missed in 2012 while getting the jump on the newest releases of 2013, and today I came across something that combines a little of both. Oxford, Mississippi duo Young Buffalo released their self-titled EP on Votiv in October, and while I have yet to listen to album, today’s release of an acoustic version of the track “Upstairs” from the effort may be just the kick in the ass I needed to get on that.

The reverb-heavy vocals of the recorded song are replaced by crystal clear harmonies from band members Ben Yarbrough and Jim Barrett in the acoustic version, but I really couldn’t pick a favorite between the two. Check out both for yourself below and let me know in the comments which you prefer and if listening to “Upstairs” makes you want to go back and give the Young Buffalo EP a listen (it is on Spotify…).

For more info:

Young Buffalo website