As much as we missed Layne Staley’s contributions to ’90s alt-metal/grunge group Alice In Chains, there was no denying that we were a bit excited to see the band back together with replacement and pretty spot-on singer William DuVall to record and release Black Gives Way To Blue in 2009. The album was a solid return to the roots of AIC’s heydey and temporarily brought the band back into the public consciousness, but who knew how long this new iteration of the band would last after the album’s release?

Well, Alice In Chains answered that question in December 2012 when guitarist Jerry Cantrell revealed the single “Hollow,” presumably taken from the group’s as-yet-untitled follow-up album that has yet to be fully announced. The single itself hearkens back to Alice In Chains’ older material more so than the tracks found on most of Black Gives Way To Blue, reminding listeners of tracks like “Rain When I Die” from 1992’s seminal album, Dirt, or the sludge-filled “Sludge Factory” from the band’s self-titled third album.


Today, AIC released the music video for “Hollow” on their VEVO channel. In typical Alice In Chains fashion, the video contains pretty fantastical but incredibly bleak imagery, placing viewers in some kind of space station with a lonely man who is on the brink of ultimate destruction by the very thing he is tenderly caring for. Poetic, perhaps not in the manner of Tarkovsky, but poetic in the way only AIC knows how to be.

“Hollow” is now available for download on iTunes. Be sure to check back here for an album announcement, which appears imminent.

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