Metric Fox Theater

Since the successful release of their fifth album, Synthetica, Metric has been accruing a substantial amount of buzz for both the strength of the album and the live show accompanying it. Seeing as I’d somehow managed to never catch the band live despite years of admiration, you can imagine how stoked I was when they rolled into SoCal on December 9th. As a bonus, their show was at one of my personal favorite venues, Pomona’s Fox Theater.


After securing one of the many free parking spots nearby (did I mention this is one of my favorite venues?), I found myself waiting alongside other Metric fans in the spacious, not-overcrowded-at-all pit (again, the Fox Theater rocks), eager for the Toronto natives to take the stage. The lights soon dimmed, and the band members took their positions with frontwoman Emily Haines unsurprisingly eliciting the loudest cheers from the audience.


Metric began their set with the first three tracks from their latest release, chief among them the album’s lead single, “Youth Without Youth.” From there, they continued to play heavily from Synthetica with half of the 14-song set being comprised of songs from the album, which was totally fine by me.  Still, they did manage to sprinkle in some of my most beloved tracks from their older albums, including Live It Out’s “Empty” and a stunning rendition of Fantasies’ “Gimme Sympathy,” which served as the night’s grand finale.


Apart from delivering some seriously stunning tunes, Metric also flooded the venue with an inconceivable amount of raw, unadulterated energy. Shots of Emily Haines were particularly difficult for me to capture because of her constant, unpredictable movement. Despite being somewhat of a nightmare for me to photograph, the band was breathtaking to behold, and their seemingly unlimited energy was absolutely contagious. From start to finish, Metric delivered a set riddled with infectiously danceable indie/New Wave tunes, and I will definitely not be waiting this long to catch the band live again.

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