LA locals The Lonely Wild are one of those bands that has truly paid their dues. The product of tragedy and a perfect example of how music can turn sadness into something beautiful, the group formed in the aftermath of the death of lead singer Andrew Carroll’s grandmother and the breakup of his band.

The beauty that came of this tragedy is best exemplified in The Lonely Wild’s newest song, “Buried in the Murder.” The explosive track starts out strong with impressive glass-slide guitar solos and Carroll’s gritty, heart-wrenching lead vocals, all complemented by a badass bass player, Jessi. In the song, the group takes an emotional, uninhibited journey covering a range of emotions evoked from resounding harmonies and an intense instrumental climax.

The Lonely Wild recently released the single as a preview of their album, The Sun As It Comes, due for release in April. The full-length is the follow-up to the band’s debut EP, Dead End, which showcases similar striking guitars and shared male/female vocal harmonies.

The group will be playing at the Echo in support of The Little Ones on Friday, February 8th, and you should make sure to catch them. The music is worth seeing performed live, and the chances of hearing some new material from the upcoming album are pretty good, wouldn’t you say?


For tickets and other info, visit:

The Lonely Wild’s website
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