It takes supreme confidence to hang a whole five-minute song on two driving chords, without any real chorus, but New York-based Parquet Courts is currently proving that confidence is not something in short supply amongst its ranks. For proof, see “Stoned And Starving,” the aforementioned five-minute song with irresistible old-school punk swagger. The song and the band both recall the era of CBGB and the airtight rhythm sections of Krautrock, but the music of Parquet Courts comes with its own unique pent-up energy that should make for a great night out.

Parquet Courts Light Up Gold

January 15th is a fairly momentous day for the band: it marks the release of their excellent debut album, Light Up Gold, on What’s Your Rupture? Records, and perhaps even more importantly, it’s the day they’ll be making their LA debut at the Echo. Tickets for that event are still available, and in case you’re on the fence about going, check out “Borrowed Time” below. The early year release date on the debut album almost feels like a challenge to critics, daring them to forget about it when making their 2013 “Best of” lists, but there’s enough in that sub-40 minute running time to suggest Parquet Courts is going to be one of the year’s most exciting new bands, certain to stick around for a while.

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