Though most of my new music discoveries these days arrive directly to my email inbox via press releases or indirectly through my diligent daily scouring of the interwebs, I still occasionally get recommendations from the uber-on-top-of-this-shit friend. Last fall, one such friend (thanks, Sam!) turned me on to a band by the name of Daughter, and the UK trio’s His Young Heart and The Wild Youth EPs have been frequent listens ever since, primarily based on the ethereal beauty of Elena Tonra’s vocals. Today the group announced the upcoming release of their debut full-length album, and it has instantly become one of my most anticipated releases of 2013.

If You Leave continues Daughter’s habit of giving their albums three-word titles and will be released in UK and Europe on the 18th of March via 4AD and in North America on the 30th of April via Glassnote Records. I’m hopeful that a new album also means new US tour dates, as judging from the live performance videos I’ve seen, Daughter puts on a hell of a show. Fingers crossed!

Daughter If You Leave

If You Leave Tracklist:

1. Winter
2. Smother
3. Youth
4. Still
5. Lifeforms
6. Tomorrow
7. Human
8. Touch
9. Amsterdam
10. Shallows

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