LA-based duo YOY (pronounced “why-oh-why”) is the brainchild of former model Ana Kim and music producer Luca Masini. Their first release, the ridiculously addictive “A Place Like This,” has already caught the attention of many, including a certain, still-unnameable French record label. These European expats have been hard at work writing new material and hope to have their first full-length album released by spring 2013.

I recently chatted with YOY about how the project began, what influences their music, and when LA can expect a live performance.


Tell me a little bit about yourselves and how YOY came to be.

Ourselves start with our real selves. We talked for 3 years through internet, but we met for the first time last summer in Paris, and we fell in love. We decided to move to Los Angeles a few months ago, and we started writing some music together until we decided to make a project out of it.

Where did the name YOY come from?

We just liked the sound of it, and we liked the visual aesthetics.

How would you categorize YOY’s sound and mantra?

We are still defining our sound and researching our music path.

The lyrics to “A Place Like This” demonstrate a contrast between lonely, wistful verses that lead into an uplifting chorus about exploration. What inspired these lyrics?

A funny afternoon with Noonie Bao. We were in the studio in Stockholm trying to write lyrics together while a couple of guys next door were in the process of rehearsing screamo music at unbelievable volumes.

Who are your major musical influences? Any artists you’d absolutely love to collaborate with?

Luca: I owe the passion I have towards music to my grandfather. I come from classical and jazz music, but above all Chopin is my greatest influence.

Ana: I tend to discover artists I like through soundtracks of movies. Other times through my close friends who share their music with me.

How does being based in Los Angeles influence your music?

Los Angeles is a vibrant city if you dig in it. It’s a great place to write and co-write music.

Similarly, what life experiences would you say have had the biggest influence on how you think creatively?


When will audiences be able to catch YOY live and what can we expect from your live shows?

We are working on our live show right now.


For more info:

YOY Facebook Page