I don’t know too much about LA-based artist LAw (pronounced L-A-double u) other than his presence in our very city, but I’m actually fine with being kept in the dark so long as he continues to create mystifying and steely atmospheres like the ones that shroud his latest independent release, Idiom. After countless artistic endeavors, he has turned his physical and surrealistic creations into experimental music exercises consisting of hip hop-inspired beats and electronic instrumentals that bring to mind the spacial textures of artists like Oneohtrix Point Never and Actress. This, my readers, is a vision of a future not so different from modern sci-fi.

LAw - Idiom Cover Art

LAw released Idiom toward the end of 2012 and plans to release a follow-up sometime this year. If the sensation of sounds I’ve heard on this album are what I can expect he will expand upon or cement on his follow-up, then I can only predict an illustrious year for LAw, who seems to be on track to join the growing group of artists who’ve experienced success creating the smart and original compositions that have marked the last couple of years’ greatest music entries.

Listen down below to Idiom in full, and you can purchase the album over at his Bandcamp website. He is currently selling limited-edition CDs of the album, of which he created the hand-painted covers and packaging himself.

For more info:

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