Last week, LA-based psych-rock group EFG (Electric Flower Group) released a new video that really caught my eye. It’s a mash-up of the 1977 Japanese cult classic horror film House and the band’s cover of the Walker Brothers’ song “The Electrician.”

The song’s dark, trippy nature and generally ominous undertones combined with the visually stimulating experience of House makes for something truly special. It’s basically “Thriller” on acid to really simplify things. It has that same vibe but in a much more bizarre and demented way. For a moment I forgot I was listening to EFG and pictured Glenn Danzig holding the hand of his skeleton witch date while they take a picture at zombie prom — that’s just how powerful the song is!

This is amongst the craziest music videos I have ever seen, and most of the uniqueness of the video has to be credited to the film used, House: the campy opening that reminds you of a ’50s-style romance movie; the possessed piano that bites a Japanese lady’s fingers off only to then swallow her whole; a floating decapitated zombie head that bites a woman on the ass and then does some kind of hump dance with her; and my personal favorite, the satanic, blood vomiting plush white pussy cat with Steven Tyler lips.

If you are a fan of campy cult classic horror movies, especially of the Japanese variety, and really riff-heavy psych rock, then I absolutely guarantee you will love every second of this video. It’s probably the second coolest video I have seen all year and definitely deserves a play or 5.

Be sure to pick up your tickets to see EFG with Paul Banks (Interpol) at The Fonda Theatre this Wednesday, December 5th.

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