This weekend, I enjoyed a show that featured two hip-hop artists and two DJ/producers, and the fantastic blend of the two genres led to a night packed with trap-house booty beats.


A-1 and Free the Robots got the night started with a funky blend of old-school beats and spoken word. Zion I — an Oakland-based hip-hop duo comprised of Zumbi and AmpLive — then came out and bounced around with an insane amount of energy, and I watched the crowd get down to songs off the duo’s new album, Shadowboxing. I particularly enjoyed how they played with multiple styles and techniques. AmpLive even broke out his MPC guitar!


The audience participation for DJ Minnesota’s set was incredible. Everyone was jumping and jiving and enjoying Southern hip-hop beats artfully mastered with smooth, pulsing synth bass. I could really feel Christian Bauhofer’s energy as he grooved with the audience and rarely stopped moving his entire body up and down in time with the trap rhythms and beats.


With psychedelic beats and melodic tempo switches, it’s no wonder Minnesota’s remix of Adventure Club’s “Need Your Heart” (Ft. Kai) dominated the Hype Machine Charts this month as both the #1 Remix and #1 Popular Song. He artfully builds on funky beats while utilizing slowed-down vocal samples, and just in time for Christmas, you can check out Minnesota’s new Altered States EP, available for free download!

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These two artists found an exceptional way of creating synergy between their two styles and were masters of taking their audiences into another dimension. Whether you are more a fan of hip hop, EDM, or both, this show had something for everyone.

For more info:

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