Last night I had the unique pleasure of attending a private Cinema Society screening at the Museum of Tolerance. The film that I viewed, Music Chairs, was both inspiring and sweet, and while this may seem like a bit of a departure from the normal coverage here at LAmb, I found this movie entirely relevant as the expression of oneself through dance is intimately tied in with music and the joy that music brings.

The film tells the tale of a young and talented ballroom dancer who has her dream shattered when a tragic accident lands her in a wheelchair, taking away her ability to dance. A dashing young man helps her overcome the depression caused by her paralysis, and she finds joy again through wheelchair ballroom dancing.


Following the screening, there was a Q&A session with the film’s producer, Janet Carrus, and one of the choreographers, Edgar Osorio. Janet has long been active in charities benefiting the disabled, and as a ballroom dance enthusiast, she had the idea of creating a film around wheelchair ballroom dancing. Edgar is a professional dance teacher and had a sibling who was disabled, so the story was near and dear to his heart as well. The work both did was incredible as the main cast had very little dancing experience and the film features the highest number of disabled actors in SAG’s history.

The film crafted together a poignant story of hope, love, and the overcoming of all obstacles through musical expression. My favorite line from the film had to be the following: “You can’t have all your dreams at once – where’s the fun in that?” Dream on dreamers. No matter what the obstacles, the sky is the limit!

You can stream Musical Chairs in full for a limited time, and for more info, visit:

Musical Chairs’ website
Musical Chairs’ Facebook page