Come in…have a seat.

Everyone keep your forearm spikes to yourselves and set your lighters and matches down.

Class is starting.

It’s time for Black Metal 101. Let us stop in these joyous holidays and reflect upon the soul-crushing darkness and trance-like minimalism of first wave black metal band Von. Hailing from the cold and degenerate depths of San Francisco, a group of American teenagers conjured up a dark, buzzing, distorted sound that widely influenced black metal bands the world over for the next 25 years.

This fall, the long-overdue official Von album finally revealed itself via Von Records. Von creator, Jason “Venien” Ventura, entered the Von Records studio — “The Pit” — in Litchfield Park,  Arizona to record 19 classic satanic tunes from the band’s early days. The end weapon, Satanic Blood, was produced by Venien, mixed by Andrew Ragin at Wall To Wall Recording Studios in Chicago, Illinois, and mastered by John Gray at The Jungle Studios in Scottsdale, Arizona.

So, in short, expect a recording with far more production value than the well-worn classics.

“At a time when the ideas of ‘kvlt’ in black metal are slowly becoming further and further reduced to stylistic choices it’s fucking fantastic to see one of the most influential but ignored American black metal bands finally release a ‘proper’ album after 20 years of waiting. OK, so it may be re-recordings of early day’s demos, EPs etc, but as a raw, searing document of bleak but classic black metal from a band so significant they literally gave Watain their name, it deserves to be instrumental in bringing them to a wider audience. And by covering all grounds from mid-tempo dirges like ‘Chalice Of Blood’ to caustic walls of calcifying static like ‘Release’, they’ve got the tools to do it.”The Quietus

Burzum’s Varg Vikerness wearing a Von t-shirt during 1993 murder trial.

Satanic Blood is now available for purchase, and for more info:

Von Facebook page
Von Records