2012 was an incredible year for music and the continuation of Electronic Dance Music’s growth in popularity. EDM is a broad term used to describe a wide array of music that can be further broken down into the subgenres of house, trance, electronic, progressive, techno, drum and bass, and much, much more. I have been pondering how to approach the daunting task of picking out the best EDM videos of the year and have decided to highlight 1 or 2 stand-out videos from several of the subgenres of EDM. It is my hope that you enjoy this list as a journey of discovery to help determine what musical style resonates with you. So, without further ado, here are the Top 10 EDM Music Videos of 2012…

CAZZETTE – “Beam Me Up” (Official Director Cut)
With clever usage of cassette tapes and various “experts” marveling and criticizing the strange phenomena of people spontaneously breaking out in dance, this video really captures the essence of the explosion of EDM. The second half of this video uses live footage from Electric Daisy Carnival, taking the viewer into the explosive moments of dancing in synchronization with tens of thousands of people.

Rusko – “Somebody To Love” (Official Music Video)
This music video uses humor to show various elements of the EDM scene. Two older people meet each other at a Rusko show and proceed to have a great time dancing around like the crazy young people around them. I particularly like this video because it shows that the innate desire to find love and the love of music is not restricted to a certain age group.

Emma Hewitt – “Rewind” (Mikkas Remix)
Emma Hewitt’s haunting vocals euphorically accompany this video, which takes the viewer on a walk down memory lane. With stunning photography and accompanying visual effects, the intensity of the music is balanced with beauty, and the video seamlessly blurs the line between nature and the metropolitan city life.

Swedish House Mafia – “Greyhound”
This video combines futuristic costumes, robot dogs, and a variety of high-tech, Matrix-esque processes, all set to a rhythmic beat. Product placement aside, this video is an intriguing look into greyhound races of the future. With a desert as a backdrop, the stark use of color contrast in this video is incredibly visually appealing.

Mat Zo feat. Linnea Schossow – “The Sky”
For those not brave enough to try jumping off of huge precipices themselves, this stunning video exhilarates as it takes you down the sides of mountains and across landscapes on a first-person base jumping adventure.

Flying Lotus – “Tiny Tortures”
This music video/short film stars actor Elijah Wood and takes us on a slow-motion trip exploring the relationship between humans and machines. Flying Lotus is a pioneering DJ/producer who often blurs the lines of the surreal and reality, and his album Until the Quiet Comes is quite the trip through transformative music.

tyDi – “Glow In The Dark” Feat. Kerli
Depicting multiple stories of darkness, tyDi’s video for “Glow In The Dark” partners with the non-profits To Write Love on Her Arms and NoH8 to send a message of encouragement to those experiencing depression and suicidal thoughts. The idea that reaching out and showing love to strangers will create light in the darkness is beautifully shown with black and white frames changing into color as hearts find connection.

Kaskade feat. Skylar Grey – “Room For Happiness” (Fire mix)
In this video the transformative story of a girl is revealed as she goes from depression through fire into beauty and strength. The positive message of being able to survive anything because there is so much room for happiness is encouraging and inspiring.

Porter Robinson – “Language”
This video portrays a young girl who is being pursued by strange creatures. She reaches a precipice and then falls through a variety of beautiful nature scenes and finds her courage within. The message of this video is encouraging while stimulating visually as well.

Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston – “Alchemy”
This video takes a deep look at betrayal and heartbreak while telling the story of a woman discovering her significant other with another woman. Whether or not this specific scenario has ever happened to you, the actress is incredible at portraying the agony and pain she feels. Above and Beyond is a trio that has revolutionized the term “group therapy.” Their raw emotion comes through in their music, reaching the hearts of their audience members with the overall message of “whatever you are going through, you are not alone.”