December is proving to be a good month for hip-hop ticket giveaways here at LA Music Blog. We start you off with Snoop Dogg, then we hit you with a little Public Enemy! Next Thursday, December the 13th, Public Enemy will take the stage at Club Nokia along with X Clan, Monie Love, Schoolly D, Leaders of the New School, and Wise Intelligent, and we’re giving two lucky readers each a free pair of tickets to the show!

If you were a fan of hip hop in the late-80s to late-90s or really just not living under a rock for the last 15 years, you have probably heard of Public Enemy. The Long Island natives stormed into the hip-hop scene in 1987 with their debut album, Yo! Bum Rush the Show, which set the tone for their mean, minimalist, activist-inspired approach to making music. They had a great name, a great image, and were really trying to say something — what more could you ask for in a hip-hop group from the late-80s?

Public Enemy released two new albums this year. Yeah, that’s right, two: the first, Most of My Heroes Still Don’t Appear on No Stamp, via Slam Jamz and the latest, The Evil Empire of Everything, through Enemy Records. Both albums feature amazing production and integrate live instrumentation with an old school sampling vibe, giving both releases that old school/new school style.

If getting to see Public Enemy wasn’t enough, the cast of talent lined up in front of them most definitely will be. X Clan, a hip-hop group from Brooklyn, is also known for their Afrocentric style and militant activism. Their last LP, Mainstream Outlawz, was released in ’09 via Suburban Noize Records and features the current incarnation of the group (leader Brother J, Master China, Kumu, “Ultraman” Ra Hanna, ACL, Lord Cza, DJ Fat Jack, and Zulu) as well as guest spots by Bun B, Tony Henry, and Supernatural.

Another artist that used to rock the day glow and that will be joining Public Enemy for this show is Monie Love. You might remember her from such singles as Queen Latifah’s “Ladies First” or De La Soul’s “Buddy” or from one of her two LPs that came out in the early-90s. She falls in line with the mentality of the other artists at the show and should make a fine addition to the night’s events.

Schoolly D is one of the earliest if not the first “gangsta” rappers, and his credentials check out (he’s credited with the creation of the genre by Ice-T). He later embraced the cultural ideology of Afrocentrism and brought Afrocentric music to hip hop along with KRS-One. He is an emcee’s emcee and one of my favorites, so if you get the chance to attend this show, you should consider yourself extremely lucky to be seeing him live.

Wise Intelligent, formerly of the hip-hop group Poor Righteous Teachers, will also be performing at the show. Hailing from Trenton, NJ, Wise Intelligent has been releasing music with or without Poor Righteous Teachers since 1990. His latest effort is an LP entitled The Unconkable Djezuz Djonez (Back 2 School: Second Period), which was release in 2011 via Intelligent Muzik Group.

Last but not least, The Leaders of the New School is a group that launched another of my favorite emcees, Busta Rhymes. This quartet of NY natives was one of the groups pioneering the “truth rap” scene, and they originally got their big break by opening for Public Enemy, so it only makes sense to have them along.

We have two pairs of tickets for this show, and, like always, all you have to do to win is comment. Leave us a comment below telling us why you should get one of the two pairs of tickets, and be sure to include a vaild email that you check daily. We will then pick two winners based on the comments, and they’ll be off to Club Nokia for a blast of nostalgia and some kick-ass hip hop!

Tickets are still available for this show, and for more information:

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