Los Angeles is doing it right, ending the year with a domino-like line up of hip-hop shows this month. We had Blue Scholars last weekend, Snoop Dogg and Pac Div Tuesday, Public Enemy Thursday, People Under the Stairs on Sunday, and in between all of those good shows, we are blessed with another great act: Zion I.

Tonight, Zion I — a respected Oakland-based hip-hop duo comprised of Zumbi and AmpLive — will be hitting the stage at LA’s El Rey Theatre for their 2012 Shadowboxing Tour with EDM DJ Minnesota. Again, I’m going to do my shameless testimonial. I saw Zion I years ago during college, at the same show Blue Scholars performed in. They were so lively, had such good vibes, and overall everyone was hyped throughout the concert.

Zion I shadowboxing

The group is never afraid to step out of their comfort zone by concocting different styles of beats and sounds, but they never lose the flavor of hip hop. Their new album, ShadowBoxing, was released in October and is infused with collaborations from Bassnectar, Traxamillion, Timeline, DexBeats, and Minnesota. Can you imagine what tonight’s live show will be like?

“This is an album about metaphorical kicks and throws at oneself,” explains Zumbi, “Looking inward at the shadow self, and seeking awareness in the darkness of one’s own psyche.”

I hope you bought your tickets already! Go lose your head at the show.

For more information on Zion I, please visit:

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