Do-it-yourself hip-hop group People Under The Stairs is performing at El Rey Theatre this Sunday, December 16th, and we have two pairs of tickets ready to give out to our fellow Angelenos! Read on for more details…

Since forming in 1997, People Under The Stairs (PUTS) has emerged as a successful independent hip-hop duo. Comprised of Double K and Thes One, both of whom are respected by many listeners around the globe, the group mixes elements of funk with a range of influences, including Run DMC, Freestyle Fellowship, Miles Davis, Led Zeppelin, and the Pharcyde. PUTS has that old-school sound, and they mold their lyrics and beats into everything from laid-back jams to fun party songs.

Some of their more well-known songs include “Acid Raindrops,” “Montego Bay,” and “Los Angeles Daze,” and although they do come from LA, they were inspired by the City by the Bay to create the song “San Francisco Kings,” another of their top tracks.

Tickets are available for purchase, but if you want a chance to see People Under The Stairs for free, leave a comment below telling us why you want to see them. Be sure to include an email address that you check often, and good luck!

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