Guitar shredder and all-around mini musical goddess Marnie Stern will be returning with her fourth album on March 19th, marking her first release since her excellent self-titled 2010 album. Set for release via the Kill Rock Stars label, the album will be titled The Chronicles of Marnia, an album title so self-evidently awesome that I bet you kind of wish you’d thought of it yourself (and subsequently copyrighted it to make some money from Marnie Stern’s inevitable future use of the title).

The track “Year Of The Glad” is currently available for listening and showcases Stern’s decreasingly frantic approach to her music, building on the strong songwriting that was showcased on her last effort. In other words, there’s less completely insane levels of fret-tapping on this one. It also gains extra bonus points for having a title that references the novel Infinite Jest, which is seriously worth reading if you have the ability to take two months off work and cancel all social activities.

The Chronicles of Marnia Tracklisting:

01. Year of the Glad
02. You Don’t Turn Down
03. Noonan
04. Nothing is Easy
05. Immortals
06. The Chronicles of Marnia
07. Still Moving
08. East Side Glory
09. Proof of Life
10. Hell Yes

For more info:

Marnie Stern’s artist page