“We now reveal the new cover art to Anathema for 2013, the year of the serpent that will be released on Metropolis records. Created by Eclipse Media,” posted Dawn of Ashes about their upcoming weapon.

Dawn of Ashes Anathema

Dawn of Ashes is an aggrotech extreme metal artist with an interesting history the last few years. In 2010, they changed to a symphonic black metal sound, releasing Genocidal Chapters through Metal Blade Records. Currently, the project consists of Kristof Bathory (song-writer/producer/pianist/keyboards) and Bahemoth (live keyboards/studio engineering). I met this version of the band in Ohio while working with them on their “Transformation Within Fictional Mutation” music video. Though I enjoyed their black metal sound, I think I speak for many fans when I say it’s exciting to hear them come back to their roots.

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