When LAmb writer Twila had a chance to chat with Natalie Bergman, one half of sibling duo Wild Belle, the two discussed how the group’s debut single, “Keep You,” garnered the band label attention and eventually led to their signing with Columbia Records. This week, the duo released the official video for the track, which will be included on their 2013 full length release, Isles, and it’s easy to see why the music world took notice of the duo’s Caribbean-infused pop style.

Once you get past the borderline creepiness of several grown women doting on a far-from-grown man, the video — directed by Melina Matsoukas in Kingston, Jamaica — is actually a really clever take on suposedly adult relationships and the lack of maturity so many people bring to them. Check it out for yourself below, and be sure to pick up tickets to Wild Belle’s show with Deep Sea Diver at the Echo on November 26th.

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