This week, Abel Tesfaye, also known as Toronto-based R&B artist The Weeknd, will be officially releasing his major label debut, Trilogy, a 3-disc compilation of his already-released mixtapes House of Balloons, Thursday, and Echoes of Silence from last year. We haven’t exactly heard any new material from the artist over the last year, but he’s been on the touring circuit slowly and steadily performing the tracks that have turned him from underground mystery to overnight sensation.

He’s also been releasing some music videos to go along with the new release of Trilogy — one of them being the recently released “The Zone” featuring Drake, originally from the second mixtape (Thursday). While it’s my least favorite mixtape in the trilogy, the sensual track with the high-quality production that we’ve come to expect from the artist is undoubtedly my favorite song, and to finally have an accompanying visual that actually relates to the cover art and ideology of that particular mixtape is pretty glorious.

If you have yet to hear anything from The Weeknd, you’ll be able to listen to it all on Trilogy, available digitally and on CD from Universal Republic.

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