Confession time: I’ve already experienced Thanksgiving 2012. No, I’m not capable of time travel (yet). My husband was scheduled to be out of town on business for “real” Thanksgiving, so we decided to move the holiday up a couple of weeks to last Sunday. This Thursday, while the rest of you folks are digging into your T-day meals, I’ll be enjoying a big ol’ plate of chicken lo mein from my local favorite chinese restaurant (Frontier Wok Too in Burbank…feel like sponsoring LA Music Blog? We’ll accept payment in the form of cream cheese wontons). However, I’m still in the holiday spirit and just couldn’t resist sharing the following video with you.

In last night’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, one of my favorite animated series (though I do have trouble disassociating H. Jon Benjamin’s voice from iconic spy lothario Sterling Archer), Bob’s wife Linda sings a very cheery Thanksgiving song, the tone of which is basically the opposite of any track released by indie rock band The National, which is why it’s so funny that The National decided to cover this little ditty.

The video and cover is a exclusive and has me craving a 15th round of Thanksgiving leftovers. Check out “Kill The Turkey” for yourself below, and let me know in the comments which version you prefer, Linda’s or The National’s? Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving song? Because this one just may be mine.

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