When I think “lyric video,” I generally picture the rapid-fire appearance of text barely keeping up with the vocals of the song, but that is not the case with Muse’s new lyric video for “Follow Me.” Seems vocalist Matthew Bellamy’s penchant for holding out words results in, well, not too many of them fitting into each song. Combined with the decision to leave out some of the lyrics in the video (e.g. “When your fire’s died out” becomes “When” “Fire” “Out”), the result is a lyric video you definitely don’t have to be a speed reader to keep up with, but the abstract visuals are cool and do match the intense vibe of the song.

Check out Muse’s lyric video for “Follow Me” below, and let me know what you think of the song in the comments. Good choice as a follow-up single to “Madness” and “Panic Station” or is there another song on The 2nd Law that you would have chosen?

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