Leather-clad men, alcohol, and a mission church — just when you thought you’d heard the last of Ke$ha, the b*tch is back!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been salivating since the release of Ke$ha’s September single “Die Young.” The song has been all over radio in anticipation of her upcoming sophomore LP, Warrior, due out December 4th on RCA. In light of her video release, it seems the gold-toothed pop heroine is picking up on the trail of the all-but-disappeared (read: touring the globe) Lady Gaga. Not only is the single party pop at its finest, compare the similarities between Ke$ha’s “Die Young” video and Gaga’s “Judas.” It’s like Lady G started a dirty rave at the mission church, and Ke$ha and her litter of fetish-kittens have been rolling the after-party along ever since.

Ke$ha is like the kind of EDM hipster you find asleep at the back of Avalon on Sunday still wearing her outfit from Friday night with her make-up smudged all over her face. She’s raw, undyingly devoted to her bad-girl image, and a pop creationist of the truest blue. “Die Young” is an anthem to the night, an aphorism of jejune hipsters everywhere. And like most of LA’s feelings on the Silver Lake utlra-cool, radio listeners seem either drawn to Ke$ha’s ripped-denim, feather earringed hipster sovereignty or utterly repulsed. (Ironically, most hipsters I know don’t like Ke$ha — must be the whole more-than-300-people-have-downloaded-your-album-I-don’t-like-it-anymore rule.)

Though not all people understand Ke$ha’s appeal, everyone can appreciate an artist who can back up her Dr. Luke packaged-to-perfection single with an acoustic version featuring equal vocal poise. Released on her YouTube channel yesterday, listeners got just that:

To learn more about what Ke$ha has up her sleeve in the predawn of Warrior, check her official webpage or stay up to the minute on her Twitter.