After recently announcing Pedestrian Verse, the Scottish gents of Frightened Rabbit have begun the exciting process of promoting it by tantalizing fans with little bits of news for the next two months or so. The newsworthy bit today? “Dead Now,” a new song with an accompanying video from the upcoming album. Color me thrilled.

The track itself (a moody, groovy, sad bastard pop song) sounds different from anything we’ve heard from Frightened Rabbit before, but the lyrics are familiarly dour. The juxtaposition works in the song, and works even more brilliantly in the accompanying video. While Scott Hutchison sings about a slow death, the video is just a bunch of Scottish dudes being weird on the road. It somehow lands.

Pedestrian Verse is hitting our shores on the 5th of February, 2013. For now, I’ll just keep listening to “Dead Now” on Frightened Rabbit’s Soundcloud page. If these first tracks we’ve heard are any indication, this album is going to rip our collective hearts out. I can hardly wait.

Pedestrian Verse Tracklist:

01. Acts Of Man
02. Backyard Skulls
03. Holy
04. The Woodpile
05. Late March, Death March
06. December’s Traditions
07. Housing (In)
08. Dead Now
09. State Hospital
10. Nitrous Gas
11. Housing (Out)
12. Oil Slick

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