When one of the most influential technology companies specializing in musical equipment asks you to perform at their private, invite-only concert set at the Capitol Records Tower, you say, “Yes.” This is exactly what Logitech UE did, and what Walk the Moon said. It was only fitting to have these two musically inclined talents congregate in the historically rich Capitol Records building, where many new and young bands recorded new and young albums with state-of-the-art equipment. In an attempt to relay every detail in this action-packed evening, I will try to capture the exciting aspects of the performance as well as critique — more like oogle — the gorgeous new products being released by Logitech UE. Two for one, are you ready?

I arrived at Capitol Records at 6:30 to meet and interview Walk the Moon before their performance, and a summation of the experience could be distilled into one word: genuine. Born-and-raised in Ohio, these guys have a strong connection with reality, which could be felt in their presence and heard in their songs. They are the type of band that places a priority on music, not fame, and they make this known to their dedicated fans, who go to every show wearing tribal paint and incredibly large grins.

At around 7:00, I parted ways with the band to explore the Logitech UE product demonstration setup in Studio A of Capitol Records. World-altering, culturally impactful bands like the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and Frank Sinatra recorded albums in the very space where we sipped cocktails and tested out headphones. Two of my favorites from the product collection were the Logitech UE 900 Multiple-Armature Earphones — headsets that have more than one speaker per earpiece to give a wide frequency range for better music listening — and the Logitech UE Boombox, which allows up to three mobile devices to wirelessly play music through a battery-powered speaker system. They know what they’re doing. And I wouldn’t mind having both. Just saying.

Contest winners, industry executives, crew, and press all made their way to the stage set up outside at around 8:00. The first act to perform was Australian band Gold Fields. They brought a very drum-centric sound to the stage and won the affections of the crowd. Their mixing of electronic styles with alternative and rock made each song a well-rounded experience. The audience was sent through a maze of different sounds with each track, and large musical breakdowns fit in between the haunting and melancholy vocals. The band finished their set with water bottle throwing and uninhibited jumping.

Walk the Moon took the stage at 9:30 just as the Santa Ana winds began to pick up and blow everything about, which made the performance that much more energetic. The quartet began their set with the acapella-infused song “The Liftaway” off of their album I Want! I Want!, and immediately went into their uptempo tracks “Quesadilla,” “Next in Line,” and “Jenny” off of their new self-titled album. Walk the Moon also performed a never-before-heard song they had been writing while on the road in Europe, and near the middle of the set, lead singer Nicholas Petricca ran into the audience to add even more excitement to the already solid performance. They finished the show with their increasingly popular hit “Anna Sun.”

After the performance, the band surprised audience members by holding an impromptu mingling session in Studio A. They took pictures, signed autographs, and chatted with the excited group of concert goers, which further solidified their position in the world of humble and genuine musicians. They called audience members by name, exchanged Twitter handles, and engaged in interesting conversation.

The night ended sometime past midnight, with the Logitech UE crew packing up the equipment and Walk the Moon band members saying their goodbyes, leaving Studio A as it was before, an iconic gathering place for musicians to make an impact on the world.

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