This week Oxford math rock group This Town Needs Guns released “Left Aligned,” the second single from their upcoming sophomore release The new album will be available through Sargent House on January 22, 2013 and is TTNG’s first release since their 2011 single Adventure, Stamina & Anger. That effort marked the first release on which Stuart Smith was the vocalist for the band, having taken up the job after the departure of Jamie Cooper (the singer on This Town Needs Guns’ self-titled debut LP). Henry Tremain is now at the reins of this three-headed beast, and from the sound of the first two singles off their new album, the newly formed group has been hard at work.

This Town Needs Guns is basically the brain child of brothers Tim and Chris Collis. Since 2006, when Chris came into the fold, they have typically been a four-piece act with drums, bass, and two guitars, but since losing Stuart Smith and bringing on Henry Tremain, they have been a power trio in a non-traditional musical format for power trios (’70s psych rock).

I have always found myself intrigued by This Town Needs Guns’ sound, which includes jazz scale progressions structured in modern pop formats laced with post-rock influences. There really aren’t a lot of bands doing what they are doing right now — utilizing asymmetrical time signatures, abandoning distortion and guitar effects for cleaner fidelity on complex melodies — and the accents between the brothers Collis are a cream dream for musical theory lovers. I see this progression for TTNG as a step in a direction that most people have been stepping away from, which sometimes will lead you to gold.

The first single off, “Cat Fantastic,” was released earlier this year (September 14th), and is available now for pre-order on vinyl/CD or digital copy.

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