Every year around this time, it has become a bit of a tradition for me to dust off my old Christmas playlist and see if anything needs “freshening up.” This playlist can be pretty weird, with everything from Sufjan Stevens to Barenaked Ladies included, plus classics like A Charlie Brown Christmas thrown in for good measure. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Well, every year around this time, Sleeping At Last celebrates the season with me by releasing a free Christmas song. Ryan O’Neal (the man behind Sleeping At Last) calls them his “musical Christmas cards.” These sweet, simple indie Christmas songs often land one of the coveted spots on my yearly playlist, and this year, there’s even more to celebrate.

Instead of simply releasing one song, O’Neal has collected all the songs he has made over the years to create a Christmas LP. Simply called Christmas Collection 2012, the album is everything I’ve come to love about Sleeping At Last. (Check out the ukelele-driven rendition of “Christmas is All Around Us” from Love, Actually for a good example.)

The best part? The album is entirely free. You can pick yours up over at Noisetrade, with an option to donate. As Sleeping At Last has recently had some mainstream musical success (with not one, but two songs on the Twilight soundtrack), it’s really cool to see O’Neal rock the indie scene with DIY albums and free music.

For more info about Sleeping At Last, O’Neal’s upcoming mystery project, or to do some shopping during his online holiday sale, check out:

Sleeping At Last’s website