Following the release of Undersea, Brooklyn-based band The Antlers have just debuted their video for “Drift Dive.” The first track off the new EP, “Drift Dive” lays a foundation for the rest of the record, staying true to the ethereal aesthetic set by the mood of the album cover.

There’s a consistent ambience in “Drift Dive” that — much like the last two albums — provokes a raw emotion, leaving listeners ready to drift off into a euphoric, dreamy state of mind. I feel like I’m floating when I listen to each track, and I think James Case Leal may have felt the same way when he created the visual elements that accompany the video. A series of underwater footage mixed with cosmic lights and marine life, “Drift Dive” is a video that stays true to its name and to the nature of the band.

The Antlers also released a short statement about the timing of the release: “Considering all that’s just happened in NYC, today is a strange day to debut our new video, but it feels oddly appropriate too. James Case-Leal created this beautiful piece to accompany “Drift Dive.” We hope it provides you with some comfort in the face of all this devastation.”

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