When asked to think of music from Australia, most people Stateside are more likely to think of the didgeridoo’s distinctive twang than bands with killer tunes, which is unfortunate because Australia’s musical legacy — one that includes notable hard rockers AC/DC and pop icon Kylie Minogue — is incredibly rich. The newest batch of notable Aussie imports are proof that musicians from the world’s smallest continent are poised to make some big waves in the worldwide music scene.

5. Cut Copy

Although these Melbourners produce seriously uplifting melodies, they throw it down hard when they’re on stage. Their distinct blend of indie, electronic, and pop sounds has already been heard at notable festivals in the US including Ultra and Coachella. As a bonus, their songs make excellent additions to any mix CDs you may be burning for that special someone.

4. Flight Facilities

An act that plays ambient disco house might sound like it’s choking on the quesadilla of genre ambition, but Flight Facilities somehow manages to wrap distinctly different sounds into one seamless, eargasmic package. Is danceably mellow a thing? Because it should be. Add to that a respectable array of remixes, and you can see why I had to include them on this list.

3. Tame Impala

At the forefront of what I predict will be the impending psychedelic revolution are Perth natives Tame Impala. Their newest effort, Lonerism, has been met with a flurry of critical acclaim and for good reason: it’s awesome. Given the buzz surrounding this band and the numerous awards they’ve already received, it’s hard to believe this is only their second album to date. Don’t count on these Aussies fading away any time soon.

2. Gotye

All jokes about “Somebody That I Used To Know” aside, Gotye has some serious musical chops. He can sing, he writes poignant lyrics, and he’s fluent in guitar, drums, keyboard, and synthesizer. I would find his ability to seemingly be good at everything he tries his hand at annoying as hell, but I’m too transfixed by his lovely music. It really does speak for itself.

1. The Presets

I’ve already gone on record saying that The Presets are “one of the best things to happen to modern music,” so it should come as no surprise that they’ve nabbed the number one spot on my list. They make danceable, moody music; they aren’t afraid to experiment; and I’m pretty sure they punched a hole in the time-space continuum with their sheer awesomeness when I saw them live. In other words, they’re everything a band should be. They’re also going to be in LA later this month. Hint hint, nudge nudge.

Honorable Mentions:

The Holidays

The Jezabels