For those of you that, like me, need something to tide you over from the already 16 year wait for a new Soundgarden album, well, we finally get a reprieve. A few days ago, the band released the full version of “Been Away Too Long,” the first single off their much anticipated LP, King Animal, out November 13, 2012.

Cornell is quoted as saying, “We always supported coloring outside the lines and not worrying entirely about what we’d consider a Soundgarden song or sound.” While that may be perfectly true, “Been Away Too Long” almost seems like a direct shot at those who thought Soundgarden “couldn’t be as good as they were” back in the day. It’s not a clone of their past work, but it definitely hits on the Soundgarden style.

On their Facebook page today, Soundgarden announced “Non-State Actor,” the second single off King Animal. The fat, slightly time-shifty riffage is there, mixed right in with Cornell’s signature Soundgarden battle cry, and this song has me officially excited for the new album.

Soundgarden also continued to tease us this week with a preview and short explanation of the birth of “Bones of Birds.” The preview has me very excited to hear the rest of this song, which Cornell says in the video is “dark,” and it reminds me a little bit of “4th of July” meets “Like Suicide.”

Make sure you check back in with us in a week or so for a full review of Soundgarden’s new album and for all the latest news on King Animal.

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