Get ready to get your mind blown because socially- and politically-minded hip-hop artist Brother Ali will be performing at El Rey Theatre TONIGHT as part of his tour promoting his newest album, Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color.

Many hip-hop artists say what’s on their minds, but Brother Ali reveals his thoughts without sugarcoating his lyrics at all. He’s straightforward but does so in such a creative manner, which can have the effect of making the listener consider new concepts or stop and actually reflect on what’s going in the world and outside of their own bubble. If you want to be comfortable, you may need to cover your ears the whole time because your consciousness just might expand out of your comfort zone. But that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

Brother Ali was recently published by the Huffington Post for his opinion piece, “The Intersection of Homophobia and Hip Hop: Where Tyler Met Frank”. I suggest you give it a read because he isn’t just reaching out to the hip-hop community but a variety of audiences.

From a press release by Rhymesayers quoting Dr. Cornel West:

“Brother Ali is fundamentally committed to truth and justice. He’s part of a great tradition in this country and around the world that highlights the wretched of the earth, allows them to undergo an awakening and shatters their sleepwalking. I want the world to know that Ali is my brother and I have so much great love and respect for him. We’re part of the same tradition concerned with Truth and Justice. He does it in his own smooth, sophisticated way. Sometimes he’s funky and sometimes he’s direct, but I love the way he tells the truth. The album itself (Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color) is such a force for good and a food source for people’s souls. People can feel the love on the vanilla side of town and on the chocolate side of town. It’s a human thing. A love thing. Just for me to be a small part of this album at this time is a blessing.”

Earlier this week, we gave two lucky readers each a pair of free tickets to Brother Ali’s show, but there’s still time to buy yours via Ticketmaster. I have never had the chance to attend one of his shows before, and my eagerness for tonight has me bursting at the seams. Hope to see you there!

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