Call it a side effect, but after working so many years in the music industry and being inundated with so much hype for everything that breaks onto the scene(s), I’ve become desensitized to a lot of what comes through my doors — or speakers, as it were. So when I hear something that makes me stand up and pay attention, I feel the need to jump atop the highest building and share it with the world.

Throughout history there have been many great pairings:

Ben and Jerry
Socks and shoes
Dolce and Gabana
Vodka and Red Bull
Pizza and breadsticks

And now, we’ve been given Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Their live show is so energetic, interactive, and mesmerizing, it’s something that is definitely not to be missed. Maybe the true delight in watching this dynamic duo is the overall crowd response. During their set, I personally kept my eyes on the decibel meter as it slowly climbed to just shy of 110 db (an average concert hits somewhere around 100), but watching Macklemore fly off a stack of speakers into a 1000+ people while wearing a silver sequin cape is a whole lot of fun too.

With content ranging from the loss of friends to drugs and alcohol (“Neon Cathedral”) to the glory of finding genuine treats in the thrift shops (“Thrift Shop”) to some genuine Irish Pride that you can shake your booty to (“Irish Celebration”), you won’t be disappointed by a lack of variation. When talking to these two soft-spoken, uber-respectful, and mouth-wateringly gorgeous gentlemen, you would not expect what you get. They stick to their convictions, flay open their faults for all to see (“Starting Over”), and accept praise with genuine humility.

They’re also not afraid to take a stance on the hot-button issues (“Same Love“), and when listening to their music, you won’t find the same empty content that there seems to be so much of lately. I don’t know about you, but I can only hear about humpin’ hoes so many times before it all sounds like missionary position to me. Adding in any musical element they can get their hands on, from cellists to guest vocals from some of the best known and up-and-coming artists (such as Allen Stone in “Neon Cathedral”) and even some horn playing, their music is even more delicious than the best seven layer dip on the crispiest tortilla chip.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis truly go above and beyond to give their fans the show of a lifetime. Coming into their set completely unfamiliar with the duo, I am proud to say these gentlemen and their performance grabbed me by the shoulders and forced me to give them the attention they truly deserve and have worked so hard for. This is one experience you definitely don’t want to miss out on. AND, as an even better bonus, they give the ‘First Fan In Line’ at each show a free copy of The Heist. How cool is that?

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