Oxford-based quartet Foals has announced and confirmed the name and release date for their third LP, Holy Fire. The album will be out early next year on February 11th, 2013 through Transgressive Records, but no need to wait until 2013 for new music from Foals because on November 5th they will release “Inhaler,” the first single from Holy Fire.

Frontman Yannis Philippakis has been quoted as saying that the album is going to have “some heavier moments and some dirtier moments. It’s swampy, some of the grooves are quite stinky.” He goes on to reference a song called “My Number” which will be on the upcoming Holy Fire LP, likening it to a “Curtis Mayfield groove” and elaborating on the fact that the band is trying to separate itself from the indie rock disco vibe saying, “”We’ve always been pretty rhythmically preoccupied, but once the four-on-the-floor, hi-hat, indie disco stuff’s dead and buried with a chain of garlic around its neck, that feels like a really fertile place to go to.”

I, for one, am stoked for Holy Fire. The release of Total Life Forever in 2010 made my year musically, easily taking my AOTY award, and after seeing Foals put on such a great show live, it is hard not to expect bigger and better things from this band as they continue to grow and sculpt their sound.

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