I’m constantly looking for interesting upcoming shows in Los Angeles, and about a month ago I was scrolling through the pages of a music-related website when the name Cadence Weapon caught my eye. It seemed familiar (I’m honestly bad with names), and I thought it was just a cool name. But it wasn’t just a cool name. It was cool music too.

October 30th is your chance to experience firsthand a performance by Cadence Weapon, a Canadian hip hop artist who blends elements of soul, funk, old school rap, and other genres into his music. He is touring North America for the next month to promote his 2012 Polaris Music Prize-nominated third album, Hope in Dirt City, and will be hitting the Satellite Club tomorrow night with Fat Tony.

Here’s a little background on Cadence Weapon:

  • Montreal-based, raised in Edmonton
  • Used to study journalism and apparently wrote for Pitchfork
  • Dropped out of school to focus on his music career
  • Been interviewed by tons of people, magazines, and blogs already
  • Real name: Roland (Rollie) Pemberton
  • Was Edmonton’s poet laureate

Sounds like a smart dude, right? Cadence Weapon has been around for many years, and recently he has been catching more of America’s attention. And hey, LA. He’s not like Drake. Let’s not assume the stereotype that all Canadian rappers are the same.

Seeing Cadence Weapon at the Satellite sounds like a great way to spend the night before Halloween, especially with tickets at only $10, so you know where I’ll be tomorrow night. Hope to see you there!

For more info:

Cadence Weapon