Although the still-searing temperatures suggest otherwise, the summer is officially over apparently. Those who live in more modest climates may be longing for the return of those heady July days and looking for a soundtrack of dream-pop summer nostalgia, and that’s where Melody’s Echo Chamber comes in (also known to family and friends as the Australia-born, Paris-based singer-songwriter Melody Prochet). The project’s self-titled debut album — produced by fellow Aussie Kevin Parker of the currently red-hot Tame Impala — is the kind of thing you might listen to while watching scratchy Super 8 video footage of summers gone by on a dusty projector.

Not that the album is simply throwaway pop. A lot of work has gone into the substance of this album, and the crunchy drums of “Crystallized” are just one example of the album’s just-right amount of grit amongst the prettiness. And believe me, some of these songs are lovely, notably lead single “I Follow You” and the particularly gorgeous “Bisou Magique,” one of a couple of French songs on the album that will be timely reminders for those of us on more limited budgets of the Paris summer holiday we never had. There’s certainly enough here to mark Melody’s Echo Chamber as one to watch.

Check out the video for “I Follow You” below:

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