Combine Karen O’s punk edge, Debbie Harry’s cool sexuality, and Robyn’s uninhibited dancing, and you have Kitten frontwoman Chloe Chaidez. I admit I feel a bit like a pedo talking about the young Chloe as being “sexy,” but watching the artist command the Bootleg Bar’s stage Monday night, her allure is impossible to deny and due primarily to her unwavering confidence. Like a young gymnast for whom it doesn’t quite register that she could break her face attempting a back dive with a quarter twist on the balance beam, Chloe exhibited a steadfast determination and desire to push herself during Kitten’s set, from the opening strains of “Christine” to the cacophonous din of the final song.

Kitten may technically be a five-piece band, but Chloe is definitely the star around which all other members revolve, though that’s not to imply that the rest of the band was in any way lacking; in fact, the music was delivered so flawlessly, it was hard to believe the band was playing live — but with Chloe front and center, it was also easy to forget that anyone else was on stage. Throughout the set, she glided across the stage, matching every musical cue with a swing of an arm or a sway of her head and delivering memorable vocal melodies whether the band backing her was engaged in one of their synth-heavy ethereal moments or indulging in some robust punk rock.

Chloe’s off-center, ’80s-inspired ponytail only lasted through half of the first song as head-banging, limb-flailing, and other stage acrobatics were a constant part of her performance; however, her vocals never suffered in the slightest from the non-stop movement. This simultaneous control over both her own voice and the attention of everyone in the crowd will no doubt drive larger and larger audiences to future Kitten performances, and I can’t recommend enough that you get out to see them for the final two nights of their FREE September residency at the Bootleg Bar (Monday the 17th and 24th). Their recently released Cut It Out EP is great, but to truly understand the breakout potential of Kitten, you HAVE to see them live.

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