As I mentioned last month in my list of “Top 5 artists I’m so excited to see that my face is going to explode,” I’m truly goddamn stoked to see The M Machine. They’ve been a unicorn act for me since I first stumbled across their impressively packaged Metropolis EP teaser (see below), and I personally vowed that I’d give up my left nut to see these guys play a set on stage.

More than a full year later with missed opportunities at EDC (woefully long traffic delays, more dragged out than a Twilight marathon), The Electric Forest (fulfilling royal duties and losing our minds in the Sherwood Forest), and more than a few local shows, it would appear that I am still M Machine-less in my life, but luckily, I’ve still got my gonads, and as it happens, these guys are conveniently playing the same night as Nocturnal Wonderland. You know, only the biggest music festival in Insomniac’s product line other than EDC. At least, I think it is.

For most people, this is one of those #firstworldproblemmoments where they tweet about how uber rip-out-their-eyeballs sad they are about missing M Machine to attend Nocturnal. Well, not me. I’m #FIRSTWORLDEXCITED about skipping out on Nocturnal Day 1. Why?

Cause I’m gonna watch me some fuckin’ M Machine. *happy dance*

Since Day One, I had a feeling that these guys were something special. With a gorgeously packaged teaser video, giving a glimpse to their near-future fans just what the result would be like if Gotham City was mashed up with The Matrix and run by Wesley Snipe-brand vampires. You know, the kind that mess fools up with inordinate amounts of technology.

And among that incredibly convoluted visual description sits the video as it brandishes a lightning-charged soundtrack that’s one-part hard electro, two-parts Hans Zimmer, and three-parts steroid injection for your brain. With how hard their music hits (and in such a dramatic fashion), I don’t know at all what to expect from their live set. Will I dance? Will I punch myself in the face? Short circuit? Maybe a life gauge will appear above me  as aforementioned Wesley Snipe ghouls storm Avalon night club and force me to fight my way out, all the while trying to not spill a drop of my overpriced drink (expensive nightclub tabs are the reason why Bacardi 151 actually tastes acceptable when chilled with a pineapple back).

Geeze. I just realized I’ve made way too many vampire references. It’s delirious time.

But let’s not get hung up on the past by focusing on one tiny part of their successful career run. Since they debuted their EP, they’ve been steadily releasing each of their tracks as singles and have been picked up by Skrillex’s label — a stable of face-smashing artists that tend to make people jump up and down while flailing their arms uncontrollably at shows vs. closing their eyes and striking Jesus poses (thanks for the LOL reference, Sparks). To add to that list, they’ve been touring with good friend and label mate Porter Robinson and released a quirky and innovative Mike Diva-directed music video for their downtempo tune “Glow.”

I’ll just stop selling these guys to you. They’ve been busy, and it seriously shows. That’s all.

The M Machine makes really sick music, and if you’re not going to Nocturnal Wonderland, you should definitely go to Avalon. And for those who DO have tickets to Nocturnal Wonderland? I invite you to join me at Avalon ANYWAY. If you attend, bump into me, and reference this article, I’ll buy you a dirty dog at the end of the night. Scout’s honor.

Please note that I was never a part of nor affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America