This week, the music world is getting some great additions from well-respected artists, and newer artists serve up some impressive albums as well. Take your pick, and let us know what you’ll be spinning this week!

Bob Dylan – The Tempest

Fifty years after Dylan’s eponymous debut album, the world-renowned artist is releasing his thirty-fifth studio album. Dylan has denied rumors spurned by its similarity to Shakespeare’s final play, The Tempest, that this may be his final album, so put that aside and just enjoy the title track, inspired by the famous sinking of the Titanic, and “Roll On John,” dedicated to John Lennon.

Dave Matthews Band – Away From The World

These Virginia-bred alternative rockers release their eighth studio album with themes a little darker than previous radio-friendly hits. The focus on this one is how we are born alone and die alone, boxed off from the world. For my LA folks, DMB is playing the incredible Hollywood Bowl tomorrow night. I saw them last weekend in Irvine, and if you’re a fan of friendly folks and ten-minute jam sessions, tickets are still available.

The xx – Coexist

After their 2009 critically-acclaimed self-titled debut, English indie pop band the xx is back with an equally-praised follow up. This one paints with broader emotional strokes, focusing on themes of heartbreak with plenty of call and response vocals. To sweeten the deal, the xx has announced that all tickets to their upcoming North American tour include a digital copy of this release.

Plenty of other great releases, so read on for the best of the rest!

The Avett Brothers – The Carpenter

David Byrne & St. Vincent – Love This Giant

Neil HalsteadPalindrome Hunches

NOFX – Self Entitled

Hoobastank – Fight or Flight

Blaqk Audio –Bright Black Heaven

The PresetsPacifica