Musical iconoclast, fedora aficionado, and all-around-coolest-motherfucker-alive Tom Waits has released a video for the track “Hell Broke Luce” off last year’s Bad As Me directed by frequent Rolling Stone contributor Matt Mahurin.

It’s rare these days that a music video catches my attention — the last one to really do so was Bat For Lashes’ “Laura.” It’s rarer still for Waits to release a video at all, which in and of itself makes “Hell Broke Luce” notable. And if there’s something a little 2004 about the track’s polemic against America’s foreign wars, it nonetheless serves as a potent reminder that these issues haven’t gone away just because economic concerns now dominate the headlines.

Waits himself is capable of generating more thunder with his gravelly bellow than System of a Down is with a wall of Marshalls at their disposal, which certainly doesn’t hurt matters. Add bass lines courtesy of The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea and dirty guitar riffage from The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards and you have a track every bit as incendiary as the imagery Mahurin conjured to accompany it.

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