Following the breakout success of 2010’s Tourist History, one can only imagine how much pressure Two Door Cinema Club has been under to deliver a follow-up album worthy of its predecessor. It’s unfortunately rather common for any band with a wildly successful debut to fizzle and fade with the release of the dreaded sophomore album, a curse that’s arguably been more pronounced with bands of the poppy indie rock persuasion. Prior to giving Beacon a listen, I was desperately hoping that Two Door Cinema Club would not fall victim to the “sophomore slump,” yet half accepting the inevitable disappointment I assumed would come.

40 minutes later, I was happily forced to eat my own skeptical mental words. Two Door Cinema Club delivered.

Beacon really is everything a second album should be. In it, Two Door Cinema Club manages to strike the balance between sticking to the signature sound they established in the first album and keeping things fresh by branching out and borrowing appropriately selected tidbits from other genres. From the groove-worthy opening anthem “Next Year” to the album’s borderline floaty concluding track “Beacon,” the Northern Irish rockers try their hand at adding a dash of electronic elements, sprinkles of harder guitar work, and the occasional melodic downtempo to their already successful recipe of fun, listenable, undeniably catchy rock. The result is an album that manages to do more than just satisfy; it fulfills.

Narrowing down what I would consider the album’s standout tracks is the best kind of harrowing. “Sun” features a chorus that can best be described as addictive. And wait. Is that brass I hear? Sold. My favorite track, however, has to be “Someday.” An infectious guitar hook and an intricate, climactic instrumental conclusion make it the track that I predict Two Door Cinema Club will use to finish sets on their upcoming tour.

Beacon will be released on September 4, but you can check out a full stream of the album a full week prior to its release below!

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