“So I’ve been repeating this track since I found it at around 8pm this evening. It is now 23:14pm.” – traple06
“This album could be one of the most important for dance music in the last 20 years” – TheRattigans

There’s definitely been more than one occasion on which I’ve uttered, “Youtube comment walls are where the dredge of internet society hang out.” Never, ever would I have thought to open any post with quotes from Youtube, but low and behold, there they are. And honestly, I’ll make note that among the never-ending maelstrom of haters, complaints, and inane ridiculousness, you DO find some solid gems — statements and thoughts from (more or less) anonymous users with whom you whole-heartedly agree, who make you say “YES. I DIG THIS VIDEO.” and click that little thumbs up button. Internet ecosystem contribution +1.

But taking it one step further, I’ve elected to pull the thoughts of these interwebz personalities and put them into this article, because well…I vibe with them strongly. To be honest, How I happened upon Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED) was purely by accident. My music buddy Willowtree tagged me on a video link and asked if I was going to their show, to which I commented:

“NO THX, NAME TOO LONG” (joking of course). No click.

Another friend, ScottLand chimes in with his $0.02: “This guy’s really good and he wears the most ridiculous Native American feather headdresses when he plays.”

And for those that understand just how much your heart needs to be captivated or “in the mood” these days to simply click on a new link (the first world curse of being bombarded by a constant stream of amazingly good music), there was something about Scott’s statement that made me decide to give TEED a chance.


Oh shit. This music is great. Half disco-funk with an indie-electro flare. Along with playful snares, claps, and some subtely smooth synths, and on top of it he sings?

Just watch that video and keep yourself from nodding your head. Dare you.

But as nice a bit of intellectual entertainment as it was, I wasn’t sure about going to the show. It’s on a Thursday, I gotta be in the office the next day, and I just can’t be bothered. Until I got that email.


“Come check out Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs at the Echoplex.”

Are you shitting me Universe? AND RL Grime just so happens to be playing? Your sense of humor is sick sometimes, Universe, but I love you.

Though the Echoplex show is more than likely sold out by the time you reading this (yeah, I had no idea Echoplex shows sold out either), do yourselves a favor and catch up with this indie-electro amazingness. The singer/producer/performer has gained an incredible reputation based off his live shows alone, and his recent album release Trouble has been tearing it up on the dance floor in the US, UK, and rest of Europe.

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