Excited to do something a little new here by compiling my top 5 favorite tracks of the week. Some weeks will be themed (Favorite Baby Makin’ EDM, Fist-Pumpers, etc.) but for this week, it’s just a general sharing of dope music that will make you nod your head, maybe cause get you to close your eyes, and take off your pants.

Wait. Wut?

Keep in mind these tracks aren’t necessarily THE newest steez. I’d be lying to myself if I stated I always kept up with the latest stuff, but in the end, it’s new to me. And for some of you out there, I hope it’s new to you. 🙂


1) STS9 – “Scheme” (The Polish Ambassador Remix)

Watching just a little bit of STS9 earlier this summer at Electric Forest gave me a very brief glimpse into the amazing galactic feel of their “livetronica” sound. Full on band of five guys with multiple midi keyboards, guitar, bass, and drums — STS9 absolutely wrecks it with their live shows that take into account some major space-age visualizations. Combine that with The Polish Ambassador’s penchant for galacto-glitching up every track he remixes, and the combination is something that will have you feeling like you’re floating through nebulous cloud formations light years away.

2) Bauuer – “Samurai”

I admit it, I’m fully on board the TRAP TRAIN (choo choo). My sudden “love for trap” has turned into an almost obsession, but I can admit I’m a bit of a hipster and can bandwagon it up at times. At the core though, I just like listening to music I find enjoyable. Enter (what I’d like to coin as) traptronica. Trap influenced pieces of synthy goodness that use snappy high-hats and snares, reverbrating bass kicks, and more high-energy swag than a purple drank doused listener would want to handle. I don’t give a shit that ‘all the trap on Soundcloud isn’t legitimate’. Up and coming producers like Bauuer and Flosstradamus that draw heavily from electronic influences have definitely caught my attention, and I appreciate them for giving some much needed swing to my step.

Check this melodic tune by Bauuer. Pitched-up R&B-sampled vocals, smooth broken-beat drums that will have you nodding your head, and a synth build-up that lets you go when you’re ready, and not a moment too soon. Maybe it’s not giving a historically accurate representation of trap music (which I couldn’t care less about, ’cause this hot term isn’t going to make me run out and listen to Gucci Mane anyway), but it does give a beautiful presentation.

3) TEED – “Garden” (Calibre Remix)

One of my biggest disappointments of last week was not being able to catch TEED play at the Echoplex. Long story short, but things fell through, and I just wasn’t able to get out to Silverlake to see the multi-talented DJ/producer/singer perform his down mid-beat (it’s sort of upbeat, but really chill) brand of funky electro/disco/dance music/something or another. (It’s been a long day, trust me).

So, much to my surprise, earlier this week I stumble upon this little gem, the Calibre remix of TEED’s “Garden.” Nice liquidy dnb that will make you melt into your chair, and the beautifully airy vocal samples of Luisa off the original track. I’ll be honest, I could listen to those off-beat synthesizer pads all damn day without getting tired.

4) Black Strobe “Me & Madonna” (Jolie Cherie Remix)

Last year, I came across this compilation of nu disco/electrofunk tracks called “Arnie Becker’s Best of” series. Being a couple years late, I listened to his best of 2009 compilation without pause for a good 4 months, burning multiple CDs for friends and forcing it into their cars.

Friend: “Tim, what’s this?”

Me:”Shut up and take it.”  Yup, that’s all I’d say.

Anyway, fast forward to last week, and I had a sudden stroke of inspiration to revisit the Arnie Becker’s series as I began rebuilding my MP3 library from scratch. New policy going forward with any piece of music, if I’m not in love with it, I’m not going to bother keeping it around, as I find myself just pressing fast forward way too much on my iPod anyway. And yes, I do realize it’s going to leave me with incomplete albums and compilations. 🙂

Check out this sexily delicious summer tune, one-part disco, one-part indie-electro. You know what? Whatever, just shut up and take it.

5) Lewis James – Heavy Romance EP

I was sleeping at the Top Loft one bleary summer day about a month ago when I was awoken by this seriously amazing 30 minute mix of glitchy hip-hop inflused trip-out tracks with random interjections of loud groaning and exasperated breathing. (Around this time, it was a morning ritual for my roommate and his twin flame to do crossfit circuit workouts throughout the loft). From the comfort of my bed I screamed: “WHAT MIX ARE YOU GUYS PLAYING? I HEAR LUDACRIS UP IN HERE.”



Fast forward to a few weeks later, and I’ve found out that this guy, Lew James (Uncle Lew) is an up & coming hiphoptronica producer from Ireland that has  way too few followers for the caliber of his music AND has a newly released summer EP called the Heavy Romance EP.

So I’ll shut the hell up and leave you with this one word of advice. Hit up this man’s Soundcloud and follow/support his ass. He’s very talented indeed and has a very fresh take on hip hop-infused electronica (I’ll be doing an in-depth look into this EP in the near future!).